Thursday, 26 September 2019

Last Saturday, September 21, a new edition of “La Vinyacat 2019 – The Catalan Wine event” was held, at the Castell Jalpí de Arenys de Munt, organized by Món la Cata, the central viniteca in  Maresme.  About 40 wineries, from the different D.O. Catalanas, where their representatives gave to test their products and explained the secrets that each bottle hides, to more than 900 people who discovered this wonderful heritage that we have at home.

The gastronomy of the Castell Jalpí accompanied the fair with selected tapas and other tastings, together with the Soul and Funk rhythms, the DJ LeeBeats that created a pleasant and festive atmosphere that complemented the wine show in the best way.

Castell Jalpí stands out for the flexibility and versatility of its spaces for all types of cultural events, business or celebrations, as well as for the capacity of an integral organization. The passion for cooking is the raison d’être of Castell Jalpí and ARCS Catering, which translates its personality into haute cuisine dishes. Innovative proposals designed and elaborated to adapt to any need, such as this time when the world of wine perfectly matches.



Tuesday, 27 August 2019

About 1,000 people attended the 4 musical performances and about 300 enjoyed the special gastronomic menu thanks to Arcs Catering.

Mónica Green, Opera and Zarzuela Gala, The Three Tenors and The Sey Sisters presented a complete musical program which included a huge variety of music styles (soul, blues, opera, R&B, gospel …)

On August 2, 3, 9 and 10 were celebrated the musical performances in a privileged environment in Castell Jalpí accompanied by a careful high quality cuisine.

One more year the Castell Jalpí of Arenys de Munt (El Maresme, Barcelona), owned by SERHS, on August 2, 3, 9 and 10 four top-level concerts had been enjoyed by 1,000 people. The musical and gastronomic combination was a success. The space specially was designed to held celebrations-banquets, combined with other activities. About 300 people enjoyed the gastronomic menu proposal which makes a different Musical and Gastronomic Nights in the Maresme, in small format and high quality.Organized with the collaboration of the City Council of Arenys de Munt, they could hear spectacular voice of  Monica Green – Friday, August 2 – with the best soul, blues and R&B of the black music of the 60s, 70s and 80s with the accompaniment of Formación Sextet.

On Saturday, August 3, the Opera and Zarzuela Gala joined the lovers of these genres to enjoy a masterful performance by three specialists: Beatrice Jimenez-Marconi (soprano), Toni Marsol (baritone) and Ricardo Estrada (piano). The gala of the Els tres Tenors, popularized by the great Pavaroti, Carreras and Domingo was the most participatory and solemn concert.From the drama of the great opera arias until the romanticism of the Neapolitan song were heard in the court environment of the Castell Jalpí. And to finish, August 10, the last concert of the electrifying trio of black voices of The Sey Sisters who invited us to a sense musical journey from gospel of the African music, until  the soul.

A varied and complete repertoire for all preferences, paired with an outdoor dinner with a touch of distinction in this emblematic space in Arenys de Munt, in the Castell Jalpí of SERHS. Great reception for an innovative, differential formula with definite personality, combining music and gastronomy the nights of August in the Maresme.


Thursday, 16 May 2019

Can Jalpí is an old manor house, one of the most notable in the area, at the end of the 19th century it was modified acquiring the castle aspect that it has at the moment with a marked eclectic and romantic style. Since then, it has become a point of reference for events of all kinds, but above all, weddings and banquets.

On the weekends of May, June, July, September and part of October, lots of couples choose the Castell Jalpí to celebrate their wedding. Located in the municipality of Arenys de Munt, in the heart of the Maresme and just over 30km from Barcelona, ​​the castle has a lake of 5,000 m2, and 2,500 m2 of building surrounded by gardens. Its exceptionality has made it a highly valued space for weddings but also for many other events such as company meetings, product presentations, concerts or locations for films and series.

Its environment, surrounded by forest and the spectacular lake, create an unbeatable setting for the photo shooting of the couple and the rest of the wedding. The space has majestic rooms all of them provided with great versatility and capacity, like the August Borràs room with capacity for more than 300 guests. Outside, the garden is the perfect location for the celebration of civil ceremonies, appetizers and nights under the stars.

Castell Jalpí is an extremely versatile space, both to celebrate big weddings as well as collected and family weddings. This great versatility makes the castle to have always an alternative in case of inclement weather.

Inside the castle, for years, has been located ARCS Catering haute cuisine gastronomy, influenced by the Mediterranean Sea and the Montnegre Natural Park where they prepare the best specialties based on local cuisine. All dishes are made with fresh and seasonal products and the best quality of the market.

The Castell Jalpí, therefore, offers the attraction and versatility necessary to make a dream wedding and create an unique experience in a privileged environment. The rest of the magic and the memory of the moments lived, will be the grooms and the guests that will close the perfect circle of an unforgettable night.

Friday, 15 February 2019

During the next 25, 26, 27 and 28 of February, the Mobile World Congress will take place in Barcelona. This is the worldwide reference event on mobile phone technologies and the space where mobile service providers and distributors offer the latest innovations in the industry. As in previous years this congress is expected to be a success in terms of assistance, where tendencies that will mark this 2019 will be presented.

For the second consecutive year, ARCS Catering, SERHS Food’s high-cuisine business line will provide the service and gastronomic offer of the Spanish pavilion for almost 60 companies, as well as for the institutional personalities that will be present.

More than 500 services are planned between breakfasts, lunches and snacks, as well as the permanent service of snacks and drinks during the four days of the congress. ARCS Catering has prepared a gastronomic proposal accompanied by the best waiters with proven experience and led by the head of events at SERHS Food.

The Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona since 2006 and organized by the GSMA  Association, is a networking space in which all participants present a large number of conferences and where the catering services play a  fundamental role in generating the necessary confidence for the organizers. In 2018 the fair was visited by more than 107,000 people. In this context, the experience of SERHS Food and the quality of the high-cuisine management of ARCS Catering, will guarantee success for the second year in a row.

Festival Santa Florentina
Thursday, 06 September 2018

It is been three years since august nights in Castell Jalpí sound like classic music. This year Santa Florentina Festival, that celebrates its XX edition, has offered performances for 9 days with first level musical proposals, such as the soprano of Natalia Labourdette. This singer is known to have won the first prize in the Juventudes Musicales de España permanent Competition, 2015 EMCY (European Union of Music Competitions for Youth) prize and recently, she has also won the XIV Certamen Nuevas Voces of Seville first prize.

Orchestre de Chambre Français performance stood out with its director Horts Sohm at the front, who was named “Honorary member” from the European movement by the Strasburg European Council. Founded in 1989, the orchestra has performed more than 1.300 concerts and acts regularly in Paris, in Salle Pleyel, the Théâtre Champs-Élysées, salle Gaveau, in the convention centre, St. Pierre de Montmartre church and the main festivals in France. Furthermore, they have played in Barcelona, Madrid, Granada and the International Festival of Santander.

During 9 magic nights, Castell Jalpí has been a reference landscape and has received well-known national and international artists, such as emerging ones. This scenery has offered high quality cuisine proposals, as it always does.

All attendees could savour ARCS Catering gastronomy 2 hours before each concert in two different formats: a table service dinner to savour all menu exquisite plates or an informal and chilly meal in Patio de Armas based on crafted tapas, gourmet sandwiches and a wide range of different beverages.

As every year, Santa Florentina Cultural Association, who takes care of the organisation, wanted to thank and congratulate ARCS Catering team due to its professional activity development in Castell Jalpí, Grup SERHS head office, highlighting their kindness, professionality and the enthusiasm of working in a cultural act of such characteristics.

The Tenor Gala on august 24th was the act that closed the 9 concert cycle of the XX Santa Florentina Classical Music Festival. The marvellous male voices marked the last performance and confirmed the great health of the festival with a strongly faithful and dedicated audience that consolidates its success year after year.




raimon bagó
Tuesday, 19 June 2018

On June 14th, Castelldefels Castle hosted the 1st Conference of the Foodservice Cluster of Catalonia dedicated to innovation under the heading “Innovation Day” with the aim of putting the focus on the latest trends and uses of ICT in the feeding sector. Raimon Bagó, general director of SERHS Food, has participated in this meeting to explain that “technology has helped us to adapt to the individual needs of users” in the field of collective catering.

For SERHS Food general director, “when it comes to making a meal, we have to put the person and their uniqueness at the centre of our activity. This is what a kitchen like the High Performance one of Mataró allows us to produce today”. The High-Performance Kitchen that SERHS Food launched in the capital of Maresme was precisely thought and designed to offer a kitchen tailored to the individual needs of the users of collective catering. For this reason, its facilities allow the elaboration of specific recipes, for example, crushed, textured and allergen-free meals, among others.

SERHS Food bets for its collective catering service to become a reference in the preparation of recipes aimed, essentially, to individual satisfaction, while responding to nutritional criteria within a varied and rich food proposal. In addition, as Raimon Bagó explains, “this is what makes us different from the rest, thinking about the uniqueness, the diversity of each of our users. And all this, with the maximum guarantees of food safety, product quality and efficient and professional management”.


cluster foodservice

Raimon Bagó, Foodservice Cluster of Catalonia new president

The day also served so that Raimon Bagó, until now vice-president of the entity, left chosen like new president. In his speech he thanked the trust placed and strongly highlighted the work done by the president so far, Jaume von Aren, who valued the commitment and dedication of the first years.

The new president of the entity highlighted the new challenges that Cluster Foodservice has today and the obligation not to lower the standards. “Work and collaborate with the 53 companies that are part of this organisation, to continue drawing, defining and strengthening the strategic lines of Cluster Foodservice in the coming years”.

Since its establishment, in January 2014, Cluster Foodservice has contributed to forge the relationship with all the companies that are part of it. Companies of diverse scope such as production, logistics, collective catering, new technologies or research and knowledge. This diversity is the great strength of this transversal and dynamic sector, which at the same time involves a strong complexity of coordination and management.

Friday, 20 April 2018

SERHS Food celebrates the first anniversary of the official inauguration of the High-Performance Kitchen in Mataró

Over this first year, the plant has increased its production by 40% and continues with a high rate of growth.

One year later, the commitment to innovative and efficient solutions to bring comprehensive support to managing professional catering is a success in every sense of the word. This Saturday April 21, the Mataró High-Performance Kitchen of SERHS Food, as well as its central offices, mark one complete year since their official inauguration, in which national authorities and those of the Maresme area took part.

As of today the plant, which covers 2500 m2, has increased its production by 40% and continues to grow at a very good pace. Over this first year, one of the mostly highly-rated spaces of the SERHS Food High-Performance Kitchen has been the independent allergen-free kitchen, which offers services principally to educational and healthcare centers.

Nevertheless, the office area and main arena have seen numerous visits from clients and companies interested in seeing the installations which reflect the philosophy of SERHS Food. This philosophy is directed at the commitment to prepare food products of the highest quality, following the basic principles of traditional cooking, and availing of the latest technology capable of providing the very highest standards of food safety and environmentally-friendly production.

During the circuit, especially designed for groups, all the steps making up the production process can be seen, from reception of the raw materials to the packaging of the finished product. Likewise, the main arena, with seating and a “showcooking” area, is often used for workshops, demonstrations and conferences, thus complementing visits to the installations.

Today, SERHS Food has a strong presence in Catalonia and is engaged in a major drive for growth in the Balearic Islands, Valencia and other parts of Spain. The Mataró High-Performance Kitchen has been devised with great versatility and flexibility to allow cooking of all kinds of recipes and formats for presentation and preservation, such as vacuum packing, ATM, pasteurization, sterilization and deep freezing.


cocina          cocina

Monday, 12 December 2016

Since early December SERHS Food manages the catering services of the Parliament of Catalonia. The contract bar and restaurant promises to SERHS Food to take responsibility for managing the restoration for four years, on the basis on all key aspects that Parliament has assessed: quality and diversity Nutritional more quality care.

SERHS Food submitted a bid d’àpats perfectly suited to stay with a complete and varied offer which includes catering from special menus on the top menu, serving about 150 people, including politicians, MPs and employees Parliament, on every day, and can cover up to 300 users days are full. The offer includes different scenarios, a complete carte restaurant, the offer healthy meals daily, and new and creative culinary banquet to offer auditorium that holds 300 people yourself to a few. The parliament generated by their daily activities and demanding a varied program of events that require a cuisine of quality, and will be offered in private rooms. Welcome cocktails, business menus, coffee and snacks around business meetings and all kinds of facilities for different number of guests.

SERHS Food services are covered by a hand bar-cafeteria all weekdays and on full or busy parliamentary adapt the timetable to the service needs of Members and staff of Parliament. Furthermore, the weekends, whether of opening, also will serve with the timetable determined by the Parliamentary Bureau. The dining room service or restaurant, will cover lunch from 13 to 16 hours, except holidays and evenings in August where service will end at approximately 15 hours.

SERHS Food shall also cover all the needs of vending machines offering a healthy food including fresh fruit, dairy, gluten-free and diabetic, and in general, the products are based on aspects of nutritional quality. SERHS Food has introduced a recycling plan that meets all the requirements of Parliament, as well as a complete cleaning plan and food quality and safety, all managed and supervised by the own Department of Food Safety and Quality SERHS.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016
Jalpí Castle in Arenys de Munt will host this festival for the first time, an event so deeply rooted in the Maresme region.
A total of a dozen concerts has been scheduled for evenings during the summer months.The Santa Florentina Cultural Association, SERHS and the Arenys de Munt Town Hall have reached an agreement for the Santa Florentina Festival to be held in the Jalpí Castle. This agreement, which was signed by all three parties and will last three years, will allow Arenys de Munt and the Jalpí Castle to host a festival that is fully consolidated and rooted in the region for the first time.

The Santa Florentina Festival, which is in its 18th edition this year, has ten concerts lined up between the 24th of July and the 20th of August, all of them at Jalpí Castle. With a capacity of 500 people per concert, the first two will be held at 8 pm on Sundays, while the others are scheduled for 10 pm. The doors will open two hours before the concerts in order for Arcs Càtering, part of the SERHS Group, to offer the audience a selection of catered items.

In the opinion of Carlos Hartmann, the president of the Santa Florentina Cultural Association and the promoter of the concerts, “this change in venue is giving a highly consolidated festival a new impetus in a privileged setting”. Likewise, Hartmann also said “the three-year agreement allows us to bring continuity and stability to an initiative that was started 18 years ago.”

In turn, the Arenys de Munt Town Hall has expressed its satisfaction with the fact that a world-class cultural event is being held in the town. Its mayor, Joan Rabasseda, believes that “the Santa Florentina Festival makes Arenys de Munt a cultural referent in the region and will help us to promote tourism in our town”.

Finally, Raimon Bagó, the General Manager of SERHS Food, believes that “this is an opportunity for Jalpí Castle to consolidate this location as a referent for holding events of all kinds. Furthermore, it will allow the public to get to know the high level of our culinary offerings”.

During the next few days, a press conference will be held for all media with the goal of explaining and sharing all the details of this year’s edition of the Festival.