Services for companies, with total quality, flexibility, efficiency and especially accessibility. We adapt to the needs of the services and the type of spaces, taking advantage of our management experience in a wide range of settings.

Our restaurant consultancy service includes support in the organisation of services, consulting in handling the purchasing of raw materials, technical advice on projects and equipment, support and the provision of knowledge from the Serhs Food Department team on diet, nutrition and food quality, and support for initial staff training.

  • Consulting in restaurant and cooking services.
  • Company dining rooms. Restaurants specialising in staff and groups.
  • Vending services.
  • Event management.
  • Catering service.

Health and work go together as well as influence each other since food is one of the key factors that affect our health, it is very important to adapt your work life, to improve performance and reduce fatigue. This contributes to maintaining a healthier body and greater well-being.

The worker must harmonise their diet with their professional life, as physical or intellectual activity affects both energetic and nutritious requirement.