Wednesday, 03 June 2020

Food services are considered an essential activity in the current context. The collective catering sector is one of the most important in our country and we offer services to a large number of users. The current sanitary situation derived from COVID-19 obliges to establish protocols so that the operation of the facilities does not increase the risk of community contagion, as well as defining the extraordinary protection measures following the recommendations of the health authorities for workers, clients, users and collaborators who must have the maximum protections and guarantees.

This is the objective of the new measures, good practice, and protocols that we at SERHS Food have applied according to the different regulations, instructions, and health recommendations to be respected for the sector. Nowadays there is no evidence that food may be a source or a route of COVID-19 transmission. Corroborated by the WHO (World Health Organization) and EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).

We have developed tools to help us identify and analyse the risks in our establishments with more detail to minimize them, as well as implement better practices in the service, facilities and with the personnel in the chain service to deal with the virus. They also work to complement other protocols already established such as the HACCP manual, cleaning plans or any other hygienic-sanitary requirement, psychosocial aspect, or quality standard.


COVID-19: it is a disease produced by the coronavirus SARS-*CoV-2, a virus first detected in December 2019. The most common symptoms caused by this disease are fever, cough and feeling of shortness of breath. Other symptoms could include tiredness, pain, nose leaks, sore throat, headache, diarrhoea, vomit. Some people lose the sense of smell or taste.

RISK: possibility of a person getting the coronavirus SARS-*CoV-2.

RISK MANAGEMENT: coordinated activities to direct and control the organization of different activities in relation to risk.

AREAS OF ACTION (basic aspects)


  • It is accredited with the FSSC22000 food safety regulation that establishes strict hygiene and control protocols
  • Cleaning and disinfection of all spaces and risk points has been increased, as well as signalling and EPIS equipment for workers
  • Covid-19 general formation
  • Control and management of supplier schedules and contingency plans.


  • Service and prevention measures agreed with each centre (contingency plan)
  • Wide range of service options
  • Emergency packs service
  • Communication to involved parties of measures. Posters, signalling.


  • Cleaning and disinfection of all spaces and risk points. Previous check list.
  • Use of approved viricidal products
  • Dishwashing at high temperature rinse (80°)
  • Measures signalling in the centres.
  • Zone 0 supplier reception


  • Maintaining of 2 meters safety distance
  • Extended hygiene measures (hand washing, WC, tables)
  • Limited capacity for restoration services in space and shifts according to unconfinement phases
  • Disposable materials, individual or assisted packaging
  • Secure, contactless payment methods


  • Supply of approved EPIs and application of control measurements
  • Covid-19 related training
  • Adjustment of schedules and confluence zones
  • Instructions for uniformity and hygiene (hand washing)

All these measures applied by SERHS Food in more detail in each centre or service, and which are dynamic due to the changing situation, must fulfil the purpose of preventing the risk of contagion as much as possible, protecting all those involved in the chain of value and transmit security and confidence in management.

Monday, 25 May 2020

From mid-March to the end of May, SERHS Food has multiplied by four the number of individual meals served to users of the Home Care Service (SAD). More than 50.000 have been prepared weekly at the High Performance Kitchen (CAR) in Mataró.

The number of centers managed has increased from six in March (Granollers, Badalona, Platja D’Aro, Barcelona, Santa Coloma…) to more than 17 new centers that have incorporated to the service such as Lloret, Blanes, as well as field hospitals from Barcelona, Lleida, among others, and at the same time, those who have seen their needs multiplied.

SERHS Food’s home social meal service, pioneers and benchmarks in this field, aims to provide nutritional, physical and social well-being to people in a situation of dependency or vulnerability. The service consists of the preparation and delivery of balanced and healthy meals, with the control of nutritionists, adapted to each person and presented in each person’s home in adequate quality and food safety conditions as well as personalized contact and advice. The personalization of the diets, food safety, the variety of dishes cooked (more than 130 with 10 combinable diets) and the contact with the users, are key parts of SAD, which presents a great development perspective with special pricing conditions for social entities and foundations.

SERHS Food is the first and only certified collective catering company in Spain with the FSSC 22000 standard for maximum food safety.

Wednesday, 01 April 2020

From the temporary hospital in la Fira de Barcelona, hotels and centers in Sabadell, Blanes, Lloret, Calella, Granollers, Lleida, to the expansion and extension of the home care service (SAD) to a great number of catalan municipalities, are the main users of this service and product adapted to each specific requirement both in terms of diet, and logistics distribution.

Given the exceptional moment that the collective restoration is living and the need to provide food service to health centers, field hospitals or special facilities, SERHS Food who counts with more than 40 years of experience, has implemented this line of emergency activity for the City Council, social care entities for vulnerable people, health centers and emergency operating personnel. Prevention and control measures for the covid-19 have been reinforced in all of the management and processing centers.

At the High Performance Kitchen (CAR de Mataró, Barcelona) 5th range dishes are prepared, refrigerated or frozen, in single or multiple portions, with the maximum food safety and under the dietary control of each type of user, key to their individual nutrition and health. The menus based on the mediterranean diet are presented for lunch, dinner or for full pension regime, they don’t include preservatives nor sweeteners. It is only cooked with olive oil or high oleic oil and natural ingredients. SERHS Food is the first and only collective restoration company in Spain that counts with the FSSC22000 food safety certification.


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Monday, 09 March 2020

The school was founded in 1906 by the Sisters of Mercy of Moissac (France). This congregation was also founded by Madame Geny, a woman with an aristocratic origin who spent her life taking care of the poor and helpless.


The foundations of her work is mercy: see, understand, love and accompany. According to Madame Geny, the act of being merciful is to show tenderness, to see as God himself watches. This way of action has taken root and inspiration in the way of being of the Mare de Déu de Lourdes de Mataró School. They take into consideration simplicity, humility and closeness in order to address the students and their families.


In order to show how the school is, they have created a spectacular explanatory video showing all the different figures that take part of the centre: teachers, students, internal managers. Also, our team member Antonia Quero, cook of the centre since 1997, takes part in the services section, specifically in the school’s feeding program. They have 6 individualized and combined menus depending of everyone’s dietary needs; including ecological and km0 proximity products.


SERHS Food Educa manages the centre’s food service program since 1992, being one of the first schools and with which it unites great involvement and empathy.


You can enjoy the video in the following link:

Thursday, 06 February 2020

SERHS Food has been the chosen company, since January 2020, of the catering service that is carried out in this important center in Lleida, both by users in full board and staff meals, in total more than 400 daily people.

San Juan de Dios Terres de Lleida – Almacelles Center has been serving people with intellectual disabilities since 1965, with residential, day and hospitalization services. All of them destined to offer specialized attention, under the Person-Centered Attention Model, where the person is taken into account as a reference and driving force in their care process. Taking into account, therefore, the individualized support according to the capacities, needs, tastes and preferences that is reflected in its support program and / or life project that the professionals, we accompany in their day to day. Always seeking continuous improvement and protected by the values ​​that define all the centers of the Hospital Order: Hospitality, Respect, Responsibility, Spirituality and Quality.

The Hospital Order of San Juan de Dios is one of the largest international non-profit cooperation organizations in the world. It is also an institution that is part of the Church and, therefore, different from Non-Governmental Organizations. Its origin dates back to the 16th century. It is currently present in more than 50 countries on five continents and consists of 1,230 Brothers, more than 50,000 professionals among employees and workers, 8,000 volunteers and more than 300,000 benefactors and donors.

SERHS Food has more than 40 years of experience and a team of 2,550 workers. With this new addition, it reinforces its implementation in the Lleida area  where it manages the feeding of large centers such as the socio-health complex of the University Hospital of Arnau Vilanova from Lleida (HUAV), belonging to the Catalan Institute of Health, which is the reference center of acute patients in the health regions of Lleida and Alt Pirineu-Aran. It also influences the eastern fringe of Aragon. They are also part of the Santa María Hospital and the Biomedical Research Institute. The population included in these territories together reaches the figure of 450,000 inhabitants. On the other hand, in the field of education SERHS Food runes the food service, for more than 4 years, of the Claver Raimat School (Jesuits Lleida) of more than 1,300 students, a reference center in the area. SERHS Food is the first and only collective restoration company in Spain certified with the FSSC 22000 standard for food safety.

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

SERHS Food Educa has the educational project “10 months 10 causes”. Different messages will be raised each month and around this strategy, values ​​and formats will be devised for their transmission.

This December the definite message is solidarity and to promote it they have collaborated with different actions that promote the cause. One of the collaborations has been with the Cruz Roja Juventud in the Toys campaign to supply families at risk of social and economic vulnerability who cannot assume the acquisition of toys. This campaign has a baggage of 27 years where 66,500 toys have been collected distributed among 24,000 children. The main objective is to promote the use of games and toys as an educational tool and transmission of values ​​in the school and family context.

On the other hand, they have also participated in a Christmas postcard workshop at Sant Josep school (Mataró), MD Lourdes school (Mataró), E. Aragai de Vilanova and la Geltrú, among other schools of Maresme.

They have also collaborated with the Isaac Peral School for Phelan McDermid Syndrome Disease and in different acts for the Marathon of TV3 such as the Arnau de Vilanova Hospital, among other centers.

To conclude, SERHS Food Educa is committed to society through solidarity projects to achieve a better world.




Monday, 07 October 2019

On September 26, SERHS FOOD Educa participated in the meet up intercluster of healthy family habits, organized by KID’S CLUSTER and INDESCAT, a cluster of children’s and sports products respectively, in collaboration with the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu. A total of 50 representatives of companies and organizations related to the sports, food, childhood, family and health sector participated in the convention. The objective was to detect the challenges related to children’s healthy habits and work together to create new opportunities in the food sector from a cross-cutting and holistic perspective.

Attendees participated in the session generating knowledge to promote healthy habits in children. Challenges and opportunities related to good eating, physical-sports and health habits in children and families were detected, and co-designed strategies and initiatives to initiate the change in the business sector towards a state of physical, mental and social well-being .

In the dynamic “Healthy habits in family” companies contributed different reflections and perspectives to address the initiation of lines of work and explore new opportunities to carry out future projects. Current issues were taken into account such as the growing concern of families for the quality of food and for the practice of sports activities, the increase in childhood obesity, poor eating habits, rest ailments linked to low activity physical … The main objective has been to promote the creation of new products that promote healthy habits in families to spread health, emotional and social values ​​in physical and sports practice. The plan promotes acquiring food routines for children in their daily lives.

SERHS Food Educa has been managing school canteen menus for 40 years and currently they serve more than 30,000 daily menus, giving priority to the individual satisfaction of each child, food safety, healthy nutrition and sustainability in restoration management. Thanks to all the baggage obtained for so many years, SERHS Food Educa provided an objective and professional vision of the sector.

Thursday, 09 May 2019

SERHS food, collective catering company, responsible for the management of food service in hundreds of schools, hospitals, residences and companies, leader and pioneer in the preparation of cooked dishes of 5th range for commercial and collective catering, has obtained the “Food Safety System Certification 22000 “, for its High Performance Kitchen (CAR), awarded by Intertek. With this certification, we reinforce the commitment to quality and rigor in the preparation of cooked dishes, in which the experience of more than 30 years positions us as indisputable leaders in variety and specialization for this type of products in collective catering.

The FSSC 22000, aim to ensure consumer protection, having a standardized system to ensure the integrity and safety of each link in the food chain.

The certification provides great value in the future because of its international recognition and the guarantees it offers in security, food defense and food fraud.

Developed by the Foundation for Food Safety Certification, the FSSC 22000 certification represents a new approach to food safety risk management throughout the supply chain and is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), composed by world leaders experts in the food industry.

SERHS food becomes the first and only collective catering company at the state level, to be recognized through this certification, which is designed to promote international harmonization and transparency in food safety standards. As indicated by Raimon Bagó, SERHS food’s General Director, “this certification supports our continuous improvement in terms of systems and processes. The certification, in addition, allows an easy implementation based on food safety standards”.

The FSSC 22000, together with the other certifications that SERHS Food has, guarantees our company on its path towards excellence in food production and customer service.

Friday, 15 February 2019

During the next 25, 26, 27 and 28 of February, the Mobile World Congress will take place in Barcelona. This is the worldwide reference event on mobile phone technologies and the space where mobile service providers and distributors offer the latest innovations in the industry. As in previous years this congress is expected to be a success in terms of assistance, where tendencies that will mark this 2019 will be presented.

For the second consecutive year, ARCS Catering, SERHS Food’s high-cuisine business line will provide the service and gastronomic offer of the Spanish pavilion for almost 60 companies, as well as for the institutional personalities that will be present.

More than 500 services are planned between breakfasts, lunches and snacks, as well as the permanent service of snacks and drinks during the four days of the congress. ARCS Catering has prepared a gastronomic proposal accompanied by the best waiters with proven experience and led by the head of events at SERHS Food.

The Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona since 2006 and organized by the GSMA  Association, is a networking space in which all participants present a large number of conferences and where the catering services play a  fundamental role in generating the necessary confidence for the organizers. In 2018 the fair was visited by more than 107,000 people. In this context, the experience of SERHS Food and the quality of the high-cuisine management of ARCS Catering, will guarantee success for the second year in a row.