Thursday, 09 May 2019

SERHS food, collective catering company, responsible for the management of food service in hundreds of schools, hospitals, residences and companies, leader and pioneer in the preparation of cooked dishes of 5th range for commercial and collective catering, has obtained the “Food Safety System Certification 22000 “, for its High Performance Kitchen (CAR), awarded by Intertek. With this certification, we reinforce the commitment to quality and rigor in the preparation of cooked dishes, in which the experience of more than 30 years positions us as indisputable leaders in variety and specialization for this type of products in collective catering.

The FSSC 22000, aim to ensure consumer protection, having a standardized system to ensure the integrity and safety of each link in the food chain.

The certification provides great value in the future because of its international recognition and the guarantees it offers in security, food defense and food fraud.

Developed by the Foundation for Food Safety Certification, the FSSC 22000 certification represents a new approach to food safety risk management throughout the supply chain and is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), composed by world leaders experts in the food industry.

SERHS food becomes the first and only collective catering company at the state level, to be recognized through this certification, which is designed to promote international harmonization and transparency in food safety standards. As indicated by Raimon Bagó, SERHS food’s General Director, “this certification supports our continuous improvement in terms of systems and processes. The certification, in addition, allows an easy implementation based on food safety standards”.

The FSSC 22000, together with the other certifications that SERHS Food has, guarantees our company on its path towards excellence in food production and customer service.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

SERHS Food new website includes data of the origin of the aliments, as well as of services that provide to educational centres.

SERHS Food Educa releases its new website; with new content and design, the goal is to consolidate a relationship of closeness and transparency with families and schools. The main aim is to educate children and teenagers through a diet by a team of dedicated and specialized professionals. For example, the new website gives information about all types of services offered to schools, from the kitchen to transport and catering for especial events.

Moreover, the new website also considers the families need to know the origin of the food served to their children. Therefore, SERHS Food Educa facilitates data about the products used to cook the different menu dishes, empowering the “from the land to the dish” concept and turning it into a common interest for the company and customers.

The new portal shows us SERHS Food Educa philosophy around its educational project, which goes much further than simply feeding children and teenagers. We are committed with their education in one of the most relevant aspects: the diet. We stand up for a healthy diet, the respect of our planet, solid values and a good coexistence between colleagues, for example, in the school canteen.

SERHS Services, a new collaborator in this new age

The page has been created by the Department of Digital Communication of SERHS Services, inside Social SERHS, following the indications of the Commercial and Marketing Department of SERHS Food.

We followed the graphic line that SERHS Food Educa uses in his communicative elements for final consumers and schools: the students of the centres, the school’s staff and the own managers of schools’ canteens.

What’s more, we created a user friendly website design for, making the user experience intuitive and simple; with a responsive design, adaptable to any type of screen without losing information and with a pleasant navigation on phones and computers.


Hospital Universitari Arnau de Vilanova
Wednesday, 12 September 2018

SERHS Food increases its territorial presence thanks to the mass catering awarding of Lleida’s Univeristy Hospital Arnau de Vilanova and other 19 schools in Oviedo city.

With these new awarding’s the division consolidates its bet for educative and health mass catering and SERHS Food will toughly increase its annual billing.

University Hospital Arnau de Vilanova catering management

The batch awarded to the hospital centre, apart from the patients and the centre employees’ catering, includes Santa María Hospital catering management, with its 4 student and teachers cafés.

Both hospital facilities sum up a 600 bed and more than 2.500 employees total and it is estimated that the annual management will be more than 160.000 patient pensions and more than 8.500 employees’ pensions.

 Management of 19 schools mass catering in Oviedo

The 19 education centres awarding will suppose 3.225 diary menus and 400 breakfasts to SERHS Food in a 4-year contract with the possibility to extend it two more years.

With these two new assignments, SERHS Food growth is due to two key factors: specialization on one hand and flexibility on the other. SERHS Food service strategy pivots around these two central aspects pursuing an excellent customer-driven food proposal.

Monday, 18 June 2018

It is estimated that the number of people within Europe who suffer some type of food allergy ranges between 11 and 26 million. If we extrapolate this data to everyone, it is estimated that between 220 and 520 million people suffer from a food allergy and this represents a major global burden for health. It is at Spanish level, where Eudec, SERHS Food specialized brand in traditional prepared dishes, takes advantage of this need to help this segment of the population with a new catalogue of 15 prepared dishes free of allergens.

All references in the new catalogue are suitable for coeliacs. Beyond gluten, the three foods that produce more allergies among children in Spain are eggs, cow’s milk and fish. However, this new Eudec project includes prepared dishes free of any of the 14 allergens defined by the Spanish Food Information Law, with which the proposal represents an important advance in the “Ready to Eat” kitchen offer.



Experience of Eudec and SERHS Food in the development of products for coeliacs

SERHS Food has an independent kitchen that guarantees the absence of allergens in food. The allergen-free production line of the High-Performance Kitchen of Mataró is independent and autonomous from the rest of the plant; since only the cardboard removal area is shared. It is therefore defined as a complete production line, which has its own cooking, preparation and packaging areas, avoiding 100% allergen contamination.

The first 15 allergen-free mono-ration dishes include various creations of vegetable cream, rice, quinoa salad, macaroni, gilthead or veal burger among others. All of them elaborated in a traditional way with proximity and seasonal products.