Monday, 17 October 2022

The High Performance Kitchen (CAR) of Serhs Food Mataró consolidates their sustainability commitment positioning itself as a reference in the collective catering sector, investing in a new photovoltaic station for self-consumption. During the summer months have been carried out works for the installation of 435 solar panels on the roof of the building with a power of 200 kWp, which will generate about 250,000 kWh per year, a high percentage of the total energy needed by the High Performance Kitchen (CAR) and offices, avoiding the emission of 61 tons of Co2 each year.

The company Solar Tradex, located in the Tecnocampus of Mataró, has been in charge of the project, which has been executed impeccably according to schedule. In technical terms, the monocrystalline solar modules are highly efficient and can produce a maximum power of 460 Wp. The station is equipped with solar inverters, a self-supporting aluminum structure with 10% inclination, a monitoring equipment with one app to control the main solar indicators, and a TV that will display this data on the CAR reception and a weather station, among other elements.

This new investment is expected to be amortized in 3 years and has a useful life of 30 years. The entire installation of the CAR has been designed and equipped following criteria of minimization of environmental impact and energy consumption, and this new photovoltaic station has now been added. The CAR has:

– Its own physical-chemical treatment plant with sludge decanter.

– Steam boiler with condensate recovery tank.

– LED lights

– Autoclave with cooling tower

– Refrigeration plant with glycol water

– Cardboard compaction

– Cleaning with low-pressure cleaning plants

– Highly efficient cooling equipment

– Maximum food utilization (no foodwaste).

– Ecodesign project for fast food packaging. Special mention at the Catalonia Ecodesign Award 2017.


The High-Performance Kitchen is also positioned as the most sustainable option at the level of preparation of cooked dishes if we compare it with a conventional kitchen based on 8 environmental indicators analyzed by the consulting firm INÈDIT, a recognized name in the sector: energy consumption, carbon footprint, logistics distribution, local suppliers, circular packaging, reduction of food waste, waste and cleaning products. At the energy level, the electricity consumed in the CAR is 100% of renewable origin and comparatively has a cost of 2.15 kWh/kg food, which is 3.85 times less than what a restaurant can use for kg of food (8.30 kWh/kg) or 25% less than a school kitchen (2.88 kWh/kg). In addition, with this new photovoltaic station, the energy will also be local, green and km0, which means a greater alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations and applied to SERHS policy.


Tuesday, 06 September 2022

We have our new online store! We prepare for you our unique dishes make at home or at work.

We elaborate recipes according to the Mediterranean diet, with a lot of variety, balanced dishes without added preservatives, healthy and sustainable.



Our dishes are cooked slowly and properly, ingredient by ingredient, from our own kitchen. Refrigerated dishes with a shelf life of more than 15 days and that are regenerated in the micro in 3 minutes.



Natural food, without additives, with long cooking times that provide all the taste and mellow textures. We combine artisan cooking with innovation in first class equipment.

We work with quality raw materials-ecological-km 0. Minimum waste impact. 100% recyclable tray. We minimize packaging. We reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint (CO₂). We avoid food waste.

We adapt to your tastes by offering the dishes you like the most and incorporating the contributions proposed by users. We are close, responsive and proactive to improve your day-to-day nutrition at work. We are the first and only certified collective catering company in Spain. We have more than 40 years of experience in the sector and all our dishes are endorsed by our team of dieticians in relation to nutritional recommendations.

Visit us at and discover the variety of dishes we have.


We hope you like them!

Wednesday, 16 February 2022

Take Eat Easy has made a collaboration agreement with Amazcat, the local online shopping store, to sell the new Healthy & Sustainable cooked dishes on its website and to be able to enjoy them at home, at work or on your weekend outings. The purpose is to offer, based on the Mediterranean Diet, unique, complete dishes, with local and quality products. Balanced and varied meals designed to improve the daily diet.

Take Eat Easy is a new catering solution for companies based on 5th range cooked dishes, specially designed by a dietetics and nutrition team for individual consumption. In companies, and through a dispensing machine with refrigerated products, a wide range of refrigerated cooked dishes with a 15-day expiration date can be found available, arranged by family (PASTA • FISH • VEGGIE • CHICKEN • EGGS • MEAT • GOURMET). They are presented in very complete portions (300-400gr) and quality, ready to eat (microwave for 2-3 minutes). Now with this agreement you can also have them at home or at work by purchasing them on the online portal

Amazcat is presented as the new Catalan marketplace, focused on the proximity market, the “all-in-one” platform for electronic commerce in Catalonia. It is based on products made, manufactured or sold in Catalonia. You can buy it at a proximity producer or store knowing the origin of the product, with guaranteed quality. The first own online sales platform in Catalonia was launched at the end of October 2021, it has more than 500 associated businesses, and from Amazcat they have foreseen that in the coming weeks there will be about 300,000 users who will access the portal. However, the project is just in the most incipient phase. Parlem-Telecom is one of the benchmark partners, among other companies sensitive to local trade.

In relation to the range of dishes that can be purchased on the portal, it is the same as in the catalogue, about 25 in total that rotate and that can be found in the dispensing machines installed in a significant number of work centers that have opted for this innovative solution in their meals ( Dishes cooked properly, without haste, ingredient by ingredient, from Mataró’s own High Performance Kitchen. Natural foods, without added preservatives, with long cooking times that provide all the flavor and sweet textures. Artisanal cuisine is combined with innovation with a first-rate team. We work with quality-ecological-km 0 raw materials with the minimum impact of waste and avoiding food waste. 100% recyclable tray, minimizing packaging and at the same time reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint (CO₂).


Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Since December 2021, the company Gaudium Serhs S.L. which is part of the SERHS Food Division, has been the company awarded the comprehensive kitchen service, operation of the cafeteria and vending machines, as well as other food products of the Cotxeres Comprehensive Health Center (CISC), located in Cotxeres de Borbó of Barcelona.

It is a center with 209 spots for long stays, polyvalent medium stays and sub-acute care. The Day Hospital has 50 beds. SERHS had already provided this service before between 2011 and 2015. New products and service improvements have been incorporated, both in number of diets and in quality, following current healthy and sustainable times.

The feeding system will be based on the evolution of the cold line following the SINC (Security Innovation & Nutrition for Catering by Serhs). It is the only comprehensive management model for health catering where food safety is 100% guaranteed. With more than 10 years of experience in the implementation of the SINC solution in hospital centers, without errors in the management of more than 2,000,000 meals served. They highlight as fundamental aspects individual satisfaction, each patient a unique diet, regularity and variety in food, sustainability in management together with maximum hygiene and food safety.

SERHS Food is the fist and only collective catering company in Spain, in the High Performance Kitchen, certified in the FSSC 22000 v5 standard and which also has ISO 9001:2015 on quality and ISO 22,000:2018 on food safety.


Monday, 10 January 2022

VALORAFOOD consists of an operational group coordinated by the Foodservice Cluster that continues the work carried out by the Llotja de Futurs project. The participants of this operating group are IRTA, RADI S.L, SERHS FOOD, GUSTOS MERITEM and PESCADOS PUIGNAU.

The VALORAFOOD project aims to get to know the fishing and industrial sector of fish processing. Its focus is to identify the real surpluses that fish processing companies have and to design guidelines to revalue the surpluses in the form of new products previously agreed upon. All this is carried out through meetings, visits, focus groups and immersive workshops, among others.

However, before focusing efforts on the development of innovative products with a high nutritional value, it is necessary to know several challenges that are currently unknown to most:

  1. The quantification of the surpluses of the species to be valued.
  2. The quantification of the volumes, regularity, and specialization of the different species to be revalued.
  3. The productive design of the different products to be valued according to the selected species: formula, processing, storage, etc.
  4. Characteristics that the product should have to be used with Pulse Combustion Dryer technology or others.
  5. Technical and economic feasibility of the designed products.

Fresh prawn carpaccio, fish burgers, fish sausages, sauces, blue crab powder, pâtés and dry products for instant soups, are some examples of valued products that the consortium has.

Regarding the creation of the new products, these will not only be intended for commercial catering, but also for schools, hospitals, and residences, where there will also be an improvement in nutritional value to prepare dishes for patients with dysphagia and other related diseases.

Innovation is the basis of this project, which seeks to promote the sector with useful, low-emission products that guarantee sustainable development of the coast, as well as increased competitiveness and diversification of the sector.

Within the framework of this operating group, we see an opportunity to create a HUB of knowledge and transformation of surpluses with by-products by other consortia and help the sustainability of certain low-productivity groups.


For more details about the project, you can access here.



Thursday, 09 December 2021

During the month of November 2021, SERHS Food was awarded with the new work canteen service, cafeteria and vending service in the facilities of the System of Medical Emergencies (S.E.M.) of the Generalitat of Catalonia. The company has been managing this service since February 2016.

The SEM’s mission is to provide health services 24/365 in order to respond to emergency situations and pre-hospital emergencies, as well as to provide information and health advice, both in ordinary and extraordinary situations. Within the framework of the Department of Health, its objective is to provide a close, proactive, excellent and efficient information, orientation and healthcare service that obtains the satisfaction of the people who live in and visit Catalonia.

This new award has led to the introduction of a significant number of improvements both at the level of spaces, signage, such as the different vending machines, new and more sustainable, personalized, as well as the introduction of healthier, quiality and local products. Premium service is provided for the 400 daily users based on the criteria of the Mediterranean Diet, also contemplating different aspects of specific diets. It highlights the availability of daily vegetarian menus throughout the year. As a novelty, there is also a new solution for catering called Take Eat Easy, based on a dispensing machine (24/365) of fifth-range cooked dishes, specially designed for the workplace. It presents a high rotation of recipes and novelties, dietary control, time savings and maximum food safety and prevention as basic characteristics of the more than 30 recipes, complete unique fishes, offered in the center (veggie, traditional, gourmet). It has also been consolidated as a nutritional support for medical emergency contingencies.

SERHS Food is the first and only collective catering company in Spain, in the High Performance Kitchen, certified in the FSSC 22000 v5 standard and which also has ISO 9001:2015 on quality and ISO 22.000:2018 on food safety.



Monday, 20 September 2021

The Maresme private Foundation for people with intellectual disabilities, a non-profit social initiative entity that promotes and encourages social inclusion, and SERHS Food, a company that offers the whole management of food service in collective catering, have signed an agreement to carry out professional internships in the Incorpora program that “La Caixa” promotes.

The objective is to achieve the improvement of the employability of people who are at risk or situation of social exclusion having as basic axes the following:

– Design of the actions based on the business demand of the territory.

– Find the implication of the company throughout the process.

– Empower the person and develop the transversal competences as a differential element for the improvement of their employability.

– Non-labor internships in the company and training.

– Networking of entities.

Thus, SERHS Food has incorporated -during the month of September- 3 people that will be part of the human team of the company in the High-Performance Kitchen in Mataró, 2 people and another person in the cafeteria-restaurant of the Blanes Hospital. Each one will carry out 80 hours of internships that should serve to learn new ways of working, and at the same time collaborate with the service that is developed in these centers.

Both entities have agreed to support the design and preparation of training actions that are adapted to the specific needs of each person and the company, and that allow a greater effectiveness in the non-labor internships, giving a practical and real vision of the activity. For this reason, a welcome session was held “in situ” by all those involved with a presentation and visit to the center, discussing the different job options and in which a great empathy and motivation of the employees was shown.

The Maresme Foundation was established on November 28, 1994, continuing the work begun in 1966 by the Maresme Association for people with mental disabilities. The mission of the Foundation is to promote and enforce the rights of people with intellectual disabilities, make them visible to society, claim and encourage their active participation and accompany them in their vital process of adaptation, growth, and social inclusion.

SERHS Food has a history of more than 40 years in the collective catering sector, focused on schools, hospitals, health centers, companies, and other spaces. It is made up of a workforce of 2,000 workers who manage 30,000 meals a day. It is the first and only company in Spain certified in the maximum FSSC22000 food safety standard.



Monday, 06 September 2021

Since the start of the food service of the Arnau de Vilanova de Lleida hospital complex in 2018, SERHS Food has maintained a close relationship with different local suppliers in the area and especially with the Special Work Center (CET) El Pla.

It is a non-profit entity, which belongs to the Hermano Benito Menni Foundation, promoted by the Hospitaller Order of San Juan de Dios Spain. In 1994, the El Pla Special Work Center was created, located in the province of Lleida, in the town of Almacelles. It offers stable and quality work to people at risk of exclusion. 

Specifically, SERHS Food buys fresh products for its garden (fruits and vegetables) and 5th range products (salads and vacuumed-packed carrots). They stand out for their quality and maximum proximity. In the CET the Pla are specialists in handling, sale and daily distribution.

The 5th range products have stricter sanitary requirements than those of the same products without handling. For this reason, rigorous quality and food safety controls are followed throughout the process. Consuming a fresh-cut product is the fastest and healthiest way to eat fresh vegetables. Currently, the fresh cut area is one of the areas that generates the most jobs in the El Pla Special Work Center. They have the ISO 22000 international food quality certification.

They also perform other services apart from packaging, such as cleaning, gardening or Christmas packages with social values. Also, SERHS Food manages the food services of the San Juan de Dios Tierras de Lleida center since January 2020.


Monday, 21 June 2021

Take eat easy is a Serhs Food brand that acts as a line specialized in corporate catering. It presents a new catering solution for the new era. It is a new concept of restaurant space, tasty-close-sustainable, for the day-to-day of companies or other centers. Flexible and adaptable to each necessity, opened 24 hours and 7 days a week, in which more than 30 cooked 5th-range dishes are offered, specially designed for the workplace, as well as other healthy products.

Through a vending machine with refrigerated products a wide range of cooked dishes is available, structured in different levels of very competitive prices, and in very complete individual servings, of quality, ready to eat. It is enough to heat them in the microwave (2-3 minutes) or in case of being cold, consume directly. Mediterranean diet recipes with a lot of variety, high rotation, balanced and without added preservatives, in a 100% recyclable tray. With the support of an APP the dishes can be selected (contactless) and enjoy of the advantages in prices, dynamic promotions, and more detailed information of each product.



Health and work go hand by hand and are mutually influenced. It is very important to adapt the diet to the work activity, to better the resistance and reduce fatigue. Improves the well-being of the staff, helps a varied diet, reduces the time needed to eat and makes the schedule more flexible. Complement for homeworking, product also to consume “at home”. Safety and Covid free guarantee both in the elaboration as well as the consumption model. Each person has specific needs.



This catering concept is directed at offices, service companies, industrial companies, universities, schools, hospitals, residencies, camping, apartments, gas stations, collectivities, airports, train stations, subway, bus, among other centers.

  • Company-center: added value to the workers. No investment from the company nor adapting to complex norms about kitchen space. Adapted to schedules. Workers pay directly. Hot food, varied, unique dishes, complete. Novelties and options to complement spaces.


  • Users: quality cooked dishes. 24 hours / 365 days. High rotation of recipes and novelties. Dietary control-maximum food safety. Day-to-day food at competitive prices, between 3,50 €, the most traditional dishes, and 4,50 € the most Premium dishes. Great time saver (avoid tuppers) and maximum Covid-19 prevention avoiding common refrigerators and spaces.


SERHS Food through the Take eat easy brand offers services to companies, with all the quality, agility, efficiency and above all proximity, with high capacity to adapt to the needs of the services and the type of spaces, taking advantage of the experience of more than 40 years in management in all areas. This catering option has already begun to be implemented in June in different centers under management of the Division. SEHRS Food is the first and only collective catering company in Spain that is certified by the FSSC 22.000 norm that accredits maximum food safety.




More information at