Monday, 12 December 2016

Since early December SERHS Food manages the catering services of the Parliament of Catalonia. The contract bar and restaurant promises to SERHS Food to take responsibility for managing the restoration for four years, on the basis on all key aspects that Parliament has assessed: quality and diversity Nutritional more quality care.

SERHS Food submitted a bid d’àpats perfectly suited to stay with a complete and varied offer which includes catering from special menus on the top menu, serving about 150 people, including politicians, MPs and employees Parliament, on every day, and can cover up to 300 users days are full. The offer includes different scenarios, a complete carte restaurant, the offer healthy meals daily, and new and creative culinary banquet to offer auditorium that holds 300 people yourself to a few. The parliament generated by their daily activities and demanding a varied program of events that require a cuisine of quality, and will be offered in private rooms. Welcome cocktails, business menus, coffee and snacks around business meetings and all kinds of facilities for different number of guests.

SERHS Food services are covered by a hand bar-cafeteria all weekdays and on full or busy parliamentary adapt the timetable to the service needs of Members and staff of Parliament. Furthermore, the weekends, whether of opening, also will serve with the timetable determined by the Parliamentary Bureau. The dining room service or restaurant, will cover lunch from 13 to 16 hours, except holidays and evenings in August where service will end at approximately 15 hours.

SERHS Food shall also cover all the needs of vending machines offering a healthy food including fresh fruit, dairy, gluten-free and diabetic, and in general, the products are based on aspects of nutritional quality. SERHS Food has introduced a recycling plan that meets all the requirements of Parliament, as well as a complete cleaning plan and food quality and safety, all managed and supervised by the own Department of Food Safety and Quality SERHS.

Monday, 05 September 2016

Since the end of July, will manage Serhs Food eaters d’Aena workers at Barcelona Airport, the two bars that Aena has in Terminals 1 and 2 of the Airport El Prat.

Serhs Food, winner of the public that Aena missed half of this month, will provide for eight years, with two years renewable, making service menus, preparing meals and cafeteria to feed employees and staff authorized T1 and T2. In addition, the contract includes coverage of different outlets with 90 automatic vending machines distributed to these terminals.

The two spaces with a total area of approximately 1800 m2, where Serhs Food will offer a wide variety of products that allow us to adapt to different types of users, on a schedule that runs from 7 am to 17h. in the afternoon, completing the service with the wide range of vending machines and the innovative service supermarket, you will have access to all employees and authorized personnel. The supermarket will be installed in the dining room staff at Terminal 1 offer fresh and precooked, plus drinks and supplements, snacks, bread and pastries.

One of the core values that have stood out in the offer winning Serhs Food has been our ability to present a menu of quality entities adapt to the seasons, with different thematic content, products, dietary products and celiac menus without allergens, besides the possibility of half menu; and food type take away, to meet all needs. All menus are composed of a first to choose among three options; a second between three options with support; drinks, dessert and coffee bread.

Our values are focused on five areas that have been positively evaluated, such as our commitment to quality products, organic and local, to ensure making menus to encourage a healthy diet and nutritionally balanced, making menus daily basis , weekly, monthly and allow the user to ingest a regular diet is designed so global and comprehensive, so it considers the nutritional needs not in isolation but as a whole. We also have in mind as pillar of all our processes fully guarantee the quality and food safety
having different seals that guarantee our high professional level in this field. Aena also considert as a guarantee of success our specialized know-how and collectivities consolidated comprehensive restoration work to sectors such as health, the education, prisons are a clear sign of the high level of professionalism come, given the requirement that both food safety and nutritional quality required in these sectors. Finally emphasize that our ability to offer our products and our offer is very attractive for the user resulting in a high rate of end customers
satisfied that value as profitable economic or our offer.

Thursday, 01 September 2016

Over the next four years the company Serhs Food Educa will be responsible for preparing and distributing daily menus 3,700 school children Terrassa, after winning the contest awarding the service school meals in public schools this population.

Serhs Food Educa manage 31 school canteens in Terrassa implanted hard Vallès Occidental, since it already has presence in other cities such as Sabadell. With the exception of a school where the food product will be offered Eudec, Serhs Food brand for its online shops of 5th range, 30 schools will have on-site food. Serhs Food contribute its experience with system planning and management, with the selection of the best raw materials, preparation of food, food service and monitoring that will find the right solution for every demand, ensuring required volume of daily meals with a standard of quality and good service at the best price in more than a foolproof system of food safety, control and balance of nutritional value, thanks to the quality department and dietary respectively.

Serhs Food has a very high involvement with the Catalan territory with a 95% penetration of its turnover. The vast majority of projects and investments are aimed at increasing the company or affect very positively in the induction of economy of the territory. In the case of Sun that is reflected in three very important aspects:


  • On one hand, the contribution of social Serhs Food project with the contribution of 500 scholarships dining room daily .. Terrassa City Council allocated 880,000 euros in the budget to cover one hundred percent of the scholarships dining detected 1,600 children in the city with a lack of food, and Serhs food has been jointly committed to 500 of these scholarships cover daily ensuring that children who are destined to eat decently.


  • Serhs Food takes this ambitious project with the collaboration of 400 workers, who are mostly natives of the town and nearby. Attention also enable an Office to the family town of Terrassa own work and manage more closely the needs arising from the implementation of the service at 31 schools.


  • Finally, Serhs Food ensure that plant products used are local and have the certificate of sale or sale direct proximity proximity short circuit. Also ensure a considerable ratio of organic agricultural products used to have the certificate of the Catalan Council of Ecological Agricultural Production. And uy yogurt and dairy products in social enterprises.
Tuesday, 28 June 2016
A culinary experience on par with the most discerning music lovers.

The new project of Arcs Càtering, part of the Serhs Group, as the new organisation in charge of restaurants and catering at the Gran Teatre del Liceu opera house, brings together professionalism, gastronomic quality and experience in such an emblematic opera venue known around the world, where audiences can enjoy this lyrical, musical art with a feast for all the senses.

Starting this April, Arcs Càtering, part of the Serhs Group, will be the company in charge of all the restaurant and catering services at Barcelona’s Gran Teatre del Liceu opera house. This is a true privilege that has been given to a company with extensive experience in managing and organising a wide range of events, catering services, consulting and a full array of services associated with commercial food. Arcs Càtering manages clients like the Zoo of Barcelona, Futbol Club Barcelona, RCDE and concerts with capacities of up to 92,000 viewers. Plus, it is part of Serhs Group, the leading tourist group in Catalonia with 40 years of experience in products and services for the restaurant, catering and groups sector.

For 18 months, Arcs Càtering will provide all the restaurant and catering services at the functions and events held in all the spaces available in the Liceu opera house, from one hour before the functions start until 1 hours and 15 minutes after the curtain is lowered, as well as on all the rehearsal days. This encompasses the Liceu’s own events as well as press conferences, daily menus, dinner menus, cocktails, and events managed by the Liceu and by outside promoters, along with special events. This is a true challenge, as well as a pleasure, if we bear in mind that 202 events and performances, either by the Liceu itself or by outside promoters, have been confirmed, along with attendance of 300,000 people, including spectators at the functions and people attending the events.

Our main goal is for all diners to enjoy a premium culinary experience, and to achieve this we are designing the ideal range of foods for each of the points: the Hall of Mirrors, the Foyer, the bar on the 4th floor and the Boxes. Working with a highly professional style of our own, coupled with the quality of the raw materials we use to craft our dishes, which are painstakingly selected, prioritising local and seasonal products, can only result in a clearly Mediterranean cuisine with avant-garde touches, which our chefs, along with the rest of our team, are in charge of overseeing with a great deal of passion, enthusiasm and respect.

This new challenge is motivating the entire team to make an even greater effort to offer a culinary experience on par with the most discerning music lovers.

Sunday, 26 June 2016
The restaurant service, cafeteria-dining hall, in the Faculty of Education Sciences at the Autonomous University of Bellaterra, managed by Serhs Food, has received AMED accreditation, which is only given to establishments that promote the Mediterranean diet. It has also been awarded certification of adhesion to the “Fruit and Health Here, Too” project of the Public Health Agency of Catalonia, part of the Government of Catalonia.

Fresh fruit, accessible and easy to eat

The “Fruit and Health Here, Too” project seeks to ensure that fresh fruit is accessible, easy to eat and becomes a habit in the entire country. Currently, even though Catalonia is a large producer of fresh, high-quality fruit, only 10.9% of the population (Health Survey of Catalonia, 2014) aged 6 or older eats the 5 servings of fresh fruit or vegetables recommended daily, given the health benefits they bring.

The bars and restaurants that want to join the programme must meet a series of requirements, such as they must make fresh fruit visible at the entrance to the establishment to encourage patrons to ask for it. Accommodations must have this at their reception desk, and fruit shops must have sliced fresh fruit available.

The main goal of the policy is to encourage people to eat fresh fruit in order to improve their health and add as many establishments as possible. The regular consumption of fresh fruit should be easy and accessible, and it should become a habit of everyone all over the country.