During the next 25, 26, 27 and 28 of February, the Mobile World Congress will take place in Barcelona. This is the worldwide reference event on mobile phone technologies and the space where mobile service providers and distributors offer the latest innovations in the industry. As in previous years this congress is expected to be

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SERHS Food is since its foundation a sensitive company with a continuous improvement, creation of value, innovation, respect for people and a strong sense of responsibility. These characteristics define our priorities that are related with projects such as the Special Centre of Work (CET) El Pla. With the recent entry in the restoration management of

SERHS Food new website includes data of the origin of the aliments, as well as of services that provide to educational centres. SERHS Food Educa releases its new website; with new content and design, the goal is to consolidate a relationship of closeness and transparency with families and schools. The main aim is to educate

For 5 weeks, SERHS food, through the fifth range products brand Eudec, has contributed to the management of the patients and workers diet of Hospital of Barcelona. Given the problems faced by a renovations period in the hospital kitchen, the Barcelona-based company found in SERHS Food the answer in the variety and quality of the

Hospital Universitari Arnau de Vilanova

SERHS Food increases its territorial presence thanks to the mass catering awarding of Lleida’s Univeristy Hospital Arnau de Vilanova and other 19 schools in Oviedo city. With these new awarding’s the division consolidates its bet for educative and health mass catering and SERHS Food will toughly increase its annual billing. University Hospital Arnau de Vilanova

Festival Santa Florentina

It is been three years since august nights in Castell Jalpí sound like classic music. This year Santa Florentina Festival, that celebrates its XX edition, has offered performances for 9 days with first level musical proposals, such as the soprano of Natalia Labourdette. This singer is known to have won the first prize in the

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On June 14th, Castelldefels Castle hosted the 1st Conference of the Foodservice Cluster of Catalonia dedicated to innovation under the heading “Innovation Day” with the aim of putting the focus on the latest trends and uses of ICT in the feeding sector. Raimon Bagó, general director of SERHS Food, has participated in this meeting to


It is estimated that the number of people within Europe who suffer some type of food allergy ranges between 11 and 26 million. If we extrapolate this data to everyone, it is estimated that between 220 and 520 million people suffer from a food allergy and this represents a major global burden for health. It


Corporate&Events SERHS Food business unit, dedicated to event organisation, presents a new website. Following the strategy based on remarking Castell Jalpí and ARCS Catering contrasts on its differing offert, SERHS Food has decided to create two independent websites. Although both business have mutual feedback, they generate different goals and, therefore, a corporative image change on