SERHS Food Educa has the educational project “10 months 10 causes”. Different messages will be raised each month and around this strategy, values ​​and formats will be devised for their transmission. This December the definite message is solidarity and to promote it they have collaborated with different actions that promote the cause. One of the

On September 26, SERHS FOOD Educa participated in the meet up intercluster of healthy family habits, organized by KID’S CLUSTER and INDESCAT, a cluster of children’s and sports products respectively, in collaboration with the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu. A total of 50 representatives of companies and organizations related to the sports, food, childhood, family

Last Saturday, September 21, a new edition of “La Vinyacat 2019 – The Catalan Wine event” was held, at the Castell Jalpí de Arenys de Munt, organized by Món la Cata, the central viniteca in  Maresme.  About 40 wineries, from the different D.O. Catalanas, where their representatives gave to test their products and explained the

Welcome to the new school course

Thursday, 26 September 2019

SERHS Food Educa starts a new school year managing the catering industry of more than 200 schools.  Everyday about  30.000 menus will be served for boys and girls from Catalonia, Oviedo and Zaragoza. It has a team of 2.550 committed workers whose objective is to achieve the individual satisfaction of each child based on food

About 1,000 people attended the 4 musical performances and about 300 enjoyed the special gastronomic menu thanks to Arcs Catering. Mónica Green, Opera and Zarzuela Gala, The Three Tenors and The Sey Sisters presented a complete musical program which included a huge variety of music styles (soul, blues, opera, R&B, gospel …) On August 2, 3,

Can Jalpí is an old manor house, one of the most notable in the area, at the end of the 19th century it was modified acquiring the castle aspect that it has at the moment with a marked eclectic and romantic style. Since then, it has become a point of reference for events of all

SERHS Food has obtained FSC 22000

Thursday, 09 May 2019

SERHS food, collective catering company, responsible for the management of food service in hundreds of schools, hospitals, residences and companies, leader and pioneer in the preparation of cooked dishes of 5th range for commercial and collective catering, has obtained the “Food Safety System Certification 22000 “, for its High Performance Kitchen (CAR), awarded by Intertek.

Castell Jalpí, the headquarters of ARCS Catering and the business line of high cuisine of SERHS food, has been the setting for several scenes of the TV movie “L’enigma Verdaguer”, a film that has been filmed over 5 weeks, up at the beginning of April and has been co-produced by the Catalan Audiovisual Media Corporation

SECPhO, the cluster foodservice and the SERHS FOOD company work together to develop a solution that will improve the safety and efficacy of feeding of the patients with dysphagia. Due to the aging of the population, dysphagia or difficulty for swallowing food, can be caused by a physical or mental problem and represents problems both