SECPhO, the cluster foodservice and the SERHS FOOD company work together to develop a solution that will improve the safety and efficacy of feeding of the patients with dysphagia. Due to the aging of the population, dysphagia or difficulty for swallowing food, can be caused by a physical or mental problem and represents problems both

Since we managed the food service of the Arnau de Vilanova University Hospital, at SERHS Food, we have been very aware of the need to be more actors than spectators in relation to the initiatives that are carried out in the demarcation of Lleida. From now on, we add a new collaboration that emphasizes the

From today SERHS Food manages the Catering in Company Service (SAC) of the city of Barcelona, ​​through which we assist mostly people over 65 with social needs.   With this service, SERHS Food guarantees physical and social nutritional well-being to people in a vulnerable situation, whether they are elderly people living in dwellings without conditions to

Starting on March 2019, SERHS Food Educa, has been managing the school menu service of 4 schools in the city of Zaragoza. This service, also provided in the city of Oviedo since 2018, consolidates the expansion strategy towards the Iberian Peninsula and expands the coverage in this area. In Zaragoza, the service will be carried

During the next 25, 26, 27 and 28 of February, the Mobile World Congress will take place in Barcelona. This is the worldwide reference event on mobile phone technologies and the space where mobile service providers and distributors offer the latest innovations in the industry. As in previous years this congress is expected to be

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SERHS Food is since its foundation a sensitive company with a continuous improvement, creation of value, innovation, respect for people and a strong sense of responsibility. These characteristics define our priorities that are related with projects such as the Special Centre of Work (CET) El Pla. With the recent entry in the restoration management of

SERHS Food new website includes data of the origin of the aliments, as well as of services that provide to educational centres. SERHS Food Educa releases its new website; with new content and design, the goal is to consolidate a relationship of closeness and transparency with families and schools. The main aim is to educate

For 5 weeks, SERHS food, through the fifth range products brand Eudec, has contributed to the management of the patients and workers diet of Hospital of Barcelona. Given the problems faced by a renovations period in the hospital kitchen, the Barcelona-based company found in SERHS Food the answer in the variety and quality of the

Hospital Universitari Arnau de Vilanova

SERHS Food increases its territorial presence thanks to the mass catering awarding of Lleida’s Univeristy Hospital Arnau de Vilanova and other 19 schools in Oviedo city. With these new awarding’s the division consolidates its bet for educative and health mass catering and SERHS Food will toughly increase its annual billing. University Hospital Arnau de Vilanova