Thursday, 01 September 2016

Over the next four years the company Serhs Food Educa will be responsible for preparing and distributing daily menus 3,700 school children Terrassa, after winning the contest awarding the service school meals in public schools this population.

Serhs Food Educa manage 31 school canteens in Terrassa implanted hard Vallès Occidental, since it already has presence in other cities such as Sabadell. With the exception of a school where the food product will be offered Eudec, Serhs Food brand for its online shops of 5th range, 30 schools will have on-site food. Serhs Food contribute its experience with system planning and management, with the selection of the best raw materials, preparation of food, food service and monitoring that will find the right solution for every demand, ensuring required volume of daily meals with a standard of quality and good service at the best price in more than a foolproof system of food safety, control and balance of nutritional value, thanks to the quality department and dietary respectively.

Serhs Food has a very high involvement with the Catalan territory with a 95% penetration of its turnover. The vast majority of projects and investments are aimed at increasing the company or affect very positively in the induction of economy of the territory. In the case of Sun that is reflected in three very important aspects:


  • On one hand, the contribution of social Serhs Food project with the contribution of 500 scholarships dining room daily .. Terrassa City Council allocated 880,000 euros in the budget to cover one hundred percent of the scholarships dining detected 1,600 children in the city with a lack of food, and Serhs food has been jointly committed to 500 of these scholarships cover daily ensuring that children who are destined to eat decently.


  • Serhs Food takes this ambitious project with the collaboration of 400 workers, who are mostly natives of the town and nearby. Attention also enable an Office to the family town of Terrassa own work and manage more closely the needs arising from the implementation of the service at 31 schools.


  • Finally, Serhs Food ensure that plant products used are local and have the certificate of sale or sale direct proximity proximity short circuit. Also ensure a considerable ratio of organic agricultural products used to have the certificate of the Catalan Council of Ecological Agricultural Production. And uy yogurt and dairy products in social enterprises.