Monday, 17 October 2022

The High Performance Kitchen (CAR) of Serhs Food Mataró consolidates their sustainability commitment positioning itself as a reference in the collective catering sector, investing in a new photovoltaic station for self-consumption. During the summer months have been carried out works for the installation of 435 solar panels on the roof of the building with a power of 200 kWp, which will generate about 250,000 kWh per year, a high percentage of the total energy needed by the High Performance Kitchen (CAR) and offices, avoiding the emission of 61 tons of Co2 each year.

The company Solar Tradex, located in the Tecnocampus of Mataró, has been in charge of the project, which has been executed impeccably according to schedule. In technical terms, the monocrystalline solar modules are highly efficient and can produce a maximum power of 460 Wp. The station is equipped with solar inverters, a self-supporting aluminum structure with 10% inclination, a monitoring equipment with one app to control the main solar indicators, and a TV that will display this data on the CAR reception and a weather station, among other elements.

This new investment is expected to be amortized in 3 years and has a useful life of 30 years. The entire installation of the CAR has been designed and equipped following criteria of minimization of environmental impact and energy consumption, and this new photovoltaic station has now been added. The CAR has:

– Its own physical-chemical treatment plant with sludge decanter.

– Steam boiler with condensate recovery tank.

– LED lights

– Autoclave with cooling tower

– Refrigeration plant with glycol water

– Cardboard compaction

– Cleaning with low-pressure cleaning plants

– Highly efficient cooling equipment

– Maximum food utilization (no foodwaste).

– Ecodesign project for fast food packaging. Special mention at the Catalonia Ecodesign Award 2017.


The High-Performance Kitchen is also positioned as the most sustainable option at the level of preparation of cooked dishes if we compare it with a conventional kitchen based on 8 environmental indicators analyzed by the consulting firm INÈDIT, a recognized name in the sector: energy consumption, carbon footprint, logistics distribution, local suppliers, circular packaging, reduction of food waste, waste and cleaning products. At the energy level, the electricity consumed in the CAR is 100% of renewable origin and comparatively has a cost of 2.15 kWh/kg food, which is 3.85 times less than what a restaurant can use for kg of food (8.30 kWh/kg) or 25% less than a school kitchen (2.88 kWh/kg). In addition, with this new photovoltaic station, the energy will also be local, green and km0, which means a greater alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations and applied to SERHS policy.


Tuesday, 06 September 2022

We have our new online store! We prepare for you our unique dishes make at home or at work.

We elaborate recipes according to the Mediterranean diet, with a lot of variety, balanced dishes without added preservatives, healthy and sustainable.



Our dishes are cooked slowly and properly, ingredient by ingredient, from our own kitchen. Refrigerated dishes with a shelf life of more than 15 days and that are regenerated in the micro in 3 minutes.



Natural food, without additives, with long cooking times that provide all the taste and mellow textures. We combine artisan cooking with innovation in first class equipment.

We work with quality raw materials-ecological-km 0. Minimum waste impact. 100% recyclable tray. We minimize packaging. We reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint (CO₂). We avoid food waste.

We adapt to your tastes by offering the dishes you like the most and incorporating the contributions proposed by users. We are close, responsive and proactive to improve your day-to-day nutrition at work. We are the first and only certified collective catering company in Spain. We have more than 40 years of experience in the sector and all our dishes are endorsed by our team of dieticians in relation to nutritional recommendations.

Visit us at and discover the variety of dishes we have.


We hope you like them!

Monday, 05 September 2016

Since the end of July, will manage Serhs Food eaters d’Aena workers at Barcelona Airport, the two bars that Aena has in Terminals 1 and 2 of the Airport El Prat.

Serhs Food, winner of the public that Aena missed half of this month, will provide for eight years, with two years renewable, making service menus, preparing meals and cafeteria to feed employees and staff authorized T1 and T2. In addition, the contract includes coverage of different outlets with 90 automatic vending machines distributed to these terminals.

The two spaces with a total area of approximately 1800 m2, where Serhs Food will offer a wide variety of products that allow us to adapt to different types of users, on a schedule that runs from 7 am to 17h. in the afternoon, completing the service with the wide range of vending machines and the innovative service supermarket, you will have access to all employees and authorized personnel. The supermarket will be installed in the dining room staff at Terminal 1 offer fresh and precooked, plus drinks and supplements, snacks, bread and pastries.

One of the core values that have stood out in the offer winning Serhs Food has been our ability to present a menu of quality entities adapt to the seasons, with different thematic content, products, dietary products and celiac menus without allergens, besides the possibility of half menu; and food type take away, to meet all needs. All menus are composed of a first to choose among three options; a second between three options with support; drinks, dessert and coffee bread.

Our values are focused on five areas that have been positively evaluated, such as our commitment to quality products, organic and local, to ensure making menus to encourage a healthy diet and nutritionally balanced, making menus daily basis , weekly, monthly and allow the user to ingest a regular diet is designed so global and comprehensive, so it considers the nutritional needs not in isolation but as a whole. We also have in mind as pillar of all our processes fully guarantee the quality and food safety
having different seals that guarantee our high professional level in this field. Aena also considert as a guarantee of success our specialized know-how and collectivities consolidated comprehensive restoration work to sectors such as health, the education, prisons are a clear sign of the high level of professionalism come, given the requirement that both food safety and nutritional quality required in these sectors. Finally emphasize that our ability to offer our products and our offer is very attractive for the user resulting in a high rate of end customers
satisfied that value as profitable economic or our offer.