Thursday, 26 September 2019

SERHS Food Educa starts a new school year managing the catering industry of more than 200 schools.  Everyday about  30.000 menus will be served for boys and girls from Catalonia, Oviedo and Zaragoza. It has a team of 2.550 committed workers whose objective is to achieve the individual satisfaction of each child based on food security, innovation and nutrition in collective catering sector. This year there has been a commitment to sustainability, introducing more proximity products, ecological, seasonal and km 0. We are working on the generation of the minimum impact on waste, reducing energy consumption (lower carbon footprint) and avoiding the food waste. They offer traditional Catalan recipes with 400 dishes, healthy, without preservatives and with all its flavor, advised by the team of dietitians. They also have special diets for allergies and intolerances. We want that the children eat the same type of dish. The personalized attention in the centers with a close and daily treatment has been a basic premise in the 40 years of SERHS Food Educa’s trajectory. Schools are understood as parthers, not only in the field of catering segment, but also as part of their pedagogical project. Good course for everyone!