benito menni
Tuesday, 13 November 2018

SERHS Food is since its foundation a sensitive company with a continuous improvement, creation of value, innovation, respect for people and a strong sense of responsibility. These characteristics define our priorities that are related with projects such as the Special Centre of Work (CET) El Pla.

With the recent entry in the restoration management of the University Hospital Arnau de Vilanova of Lleida, SERHS Food will highly promote the growth and consolidation of this non-profit project that belong to Germà Benito Menni’s foundation. Located in Almacelles (Lleida), the center offers long-term and quality employment to people at risk of exclusion. The productive activity that develops the Special Centre of Work offers work to people with intellectual or physical disability, a diagnostic of mental pathology and/or with a risk of social exclusion certificate. This aim is achieved thanks to activities of alimentary packaging, plantation, gardening and enclave work.

In addition, this activity is carried out with a support team that will take care of the recruited person in a psychosocial and work environment level.

From SERHS Food we share the values of the CET El Pla: hospitality, quality, respect and responsibility. On these pillars we find our Corporate Social Responsibility structure with a clear goal: conciliate the economic growth and the competitiveness with the social development.

SERHS Food commitment with professionals and the environment has been, is and will always be a priority. In SERHS Food we are conscious of the importance of being the engine of a changing and demanding society that requires willingness to be an active part of its needs.

Monday, 05 September 2016

The business line that d’hostelaria divissió Serhs Food drives offering consulting services, purchasing management and operation of restaurants, l’incorproacio a growing portfolio of four hotels.

The Cosmos il’Hotel Charlemagne hotel located in Escaldes – Engordany (Andorra) received since January this year Serhs Food offers services from its online business d’hostelaria, which basically consist of operating integral advice service restoration and management of shopping on this, the 5th Supply product range (Eudec) and in general, any product and drink shops.

the performance of professional Serhs Food focuses on four pillars: first, make a pre-analysis service restoration, then assume Taras prior to the implementation of the restoration project, commissioning and start-up; give full support operational management restoration project (operational management of procurement and HR); and management of procurement and supply, product. Really gives customers the chain Management Hospitality House Mountain l’operativa analysis of all help in the implementation and introduction d’estàndares management, validate levels of service offered to the end customer or user as well as the management and staff motivation hotels.

Besides the Best Hotels chain has hired the services of Serhs Food to fully manage the restoration of two of its hotels, the hotel Aranea Barcelona il’Hotel four, three and four stars respectively, both located in Barcelona, near the Olympic Village. In this case the responsibility Serhs Food falls in a bid to restore renovated with the best standards of quality and service that suits the demands of customers of hotels, a public majoritaàriament abroad, of various nationalities and profiles from family executive, who will find hereafter excellent breakfasts, lunches and dinners in the hands of professionals SERHS.