Tuesday, 03 April 2018

 Corporate & Events launches the new Castell Jalpí website

The SERHS Food Corporate & Events line of business advances with an exciting stage, thanks to the renovation of the Castell Jalpí website. After several months of work; We are proud to present a new space and leave the look & feel that saw us born.

The new design of the page has been based on two basic premises: simplicity and image. The main objective has been to offer a very agile navigation experience and above all very visual and impressive.



Multi-device navigation

The multi-device navigation is an undeniable reality, so is adapted to all mobile devices. With a development that prioritizes and optimizes the content with the main objective of improving the web experience.

Created under the responsive model, it has resulted in a very visual and intuitive environment. In it, the user can find information quickly, through a menu structure with clearly identifiable areas, regardless of the device from which they access.

The adaptability of the web allows the information to be displayed in different browsers and through the various existing operating systems.


In a 100% digital process

With the launch of this new website, SERHS Food continues adapting all its online contents offering, in each one, the speed that users need.

From the Commercial and Marketing Department we believe that the improvement of our image is the result of constant work, so we seek to adapt and evolve, to best convey the experiences of the services we perform.