Wednesday, 31 October 2018

SERHS Food new website includes data of the origin of the aliments, as well as of services that provide to educational centres.

SERHS Food Educa releases its new website; with new content and design, the goal is to consolidate a relationship of closeness and transparency with families and schools. The main aim is to educate children and teenagers through a diet by a team of dedicated and specialized professionals. For example, the new website gives information about all types of services offered to schools, from the kitchen to transport and catering for especial events.

Moreover, the new website also considers the families need to know the origin of the food served to their children. Therefore, SERHS Food Educa facilitates data about the products used to cook the different menu dishes, empowering the “from the land to the dish” concept and turning it into a common interest for the company and customers.

The new portal shows us SERHS Food Educa philosophy around its educational project, which goes much further than simply feeding children and teenagers. We are committed with their education in one of the most relevant aspects: the diet. We stand up for a healthy diet, the respect of our planet, solid values and a good coexistence between colleagues, for example, in the school canteen.

SERHS Services, a new collaborator in this new age

The page has been created by the Department of Digital Communication of SERHS Services, inside Social SERHS, following the indications of the Commercial and Marketing Department of SERHS Food.

We followed the graphic line that SERHS Food Educa uses in his communicative elements for final consumers and schools: the students of the centres, the school’s staff and the own managers of schools’ canteens.

What’s more, we created a user friendly website design for, making the user experience intuitive and simple; with a responsive design, adaptable to any type of screen without losing information and with a pleasant navigation on phones and computers.