Monday, 02 January 2017

Fleca SERHS now has its own website. A digital environment that allows released with all their product catalog, always updated and friendly and responsive design. All current and potential customers can quickly and easily get an overview of the range of Fleca SERHS and customize your catalog or order according to their choice. To achieve l’ho been updated corporate image SERHS Bakery, and we have generated and renewed its entire book of images, so that all categories and product varieties have their photograph. The website will allow us to distinguish types of customer, marketing campaigns promotional act and get this platform all possible business performance tool with digital catalog, blog, and creating databases.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Since early December SERHS Food manages the catering services of the Parliament of Catalonia. The contract bar and restaurant promises to SERHS Food to take responsibility for managing the restoration for four years, on the basis on all key aspects that Parliament has assessed: quality and diversity Nutritional more quality care.

SERHS Food submitted a bid d’àpats perfectly suited to stay with a complete and varied offer which includes catering from special menus on the top menu, serving about 150 people, including politicians, MPs and employees Parliament, on every day, and can cover up to 300 users days are full. The offer includes different scenarios, a complete carte restaurant, the offer healthy meals daily, and new and creative culinary banquet to offer auditorium that holds 300 people yourself to a few. The parliament generated by their daily activities and demanding a varied program of events that require a cuisine of quality, and will be offered in private rooms. Welcome cocktails, business menus, coffee and snacks around business meetings and all kinds of facilities for different number of guests.

SERHS Food services are covered by a hand bar-cafeteria all weekdays and on full or busy parliamentary adapt the timetable to the service needs of Members and staff of Parliament. Furthermore, the weekends, whether of opening, also will serve with the timetable determined by the Parliamentary Bureau. The dining room service or restaurant, will cover lunch from 13 to 16 hours, except holidays and evenings in August where service will end at approximately 15 hours.

SERHS Food shall also cover all the needs of vending machines offering a healthy food including fresh fruit, dairy, gluten-free and diabetic, and in general, the products are based on aspects of nutritional quality. SERHS Food has introduced a recycling plan that meets all the requirements of Parliament, as well as a complete cleaning plan and food quality and safety, all managed and supervised by the own Department of Food Safety and Quality SERHS.

Monday, 05 September 2016

The business line that d’hostelaria divissió Serhs Food drives offering consulting services, purchasing management and operation of restaurants, l’incorproacio a growing portfolio of four hotels.

The Cosmos il’Hotel Charlemagne hotel located in Escaldes – Engordany (Andorra) received since January this year Serhs Food offers services from its online business d’hostelaria, which basically consist of operating integral advice service restoration and management of shopping on this, the 5th Supply product range (Eudec) and in general, any product and drink shops.

the performance of professional Serhs Food focuses on four pillars: first, make a pre-analysis service restoration, then assume Taras prior to the implementation of the restoration project, commissioning and start-up; give full support operational management restoration project (operational management of procurement and HR); and management of procurement and supply, product. Really gives customers the chain Management Hospitality House Mountain l’operativa analysis of all help in the implementation and introduction d’estàndares management, validate levels of service offered to the end customer or user as well as the management and staff motivation hotels.

Besides the Best Hotels chain has hired the services of Serhs Food to fully manage the restoration of two of its hotels, the hotel Aranea Barcelona il’Hotel four, three and four stars respectively, both located in Barcelona, near the Olympic Village. In this case the responsibility Serhs Food falls in a bid to restore renovated with the best standards of quality and service that suits the demands of customers of hotels, a public majoritaàriament abroad, of various nationalities and profiles from family executive, who will find hereafter excellent breakfasts, lunches and dinners in the hands of professionals SERHS.