Foodservice Cluster’s president, Raimon Bagó, Serhs Food General Director, aims to group in a single cluster the set of actors that are involved in the social and commercial restoration sector’s value chain to boost collaborative projects in the fields of food safety, personalized nutrition or sustainability. The new cluster, which keeps the Foodservice name, groups

SERHS Food continues its implementation in the health field in the Lands of Lleida, this time again alongside the San Juan de Dios, managing the Mental Health Hospital (adults and child-youth). Recently, this past February, SERHS Food was the awarded company for the restoration service of San Juan de Dios Tierras de Lleida – Almacelles

Food services are considered an essential activity in the current context. The collective catering sector is one of the most important in our country and we offer services to a large number of users. The current sanitary situation derived from COVID-19 obliges to establish protocols so that the operation of the facilities does not increase

From mid-March to the end of May, SERHS Food has multiplied by four the number of individual meals served to users of the Home Care Service (SAD). More than 50.000 have been prepared weekly at the High Performance Kitchen (CAR) in Mataró. The number of centers managed has increased from six in March (Granollers, Badalona,

From the temporary hospital in la Fira de Barcelona, hotels and centers in Sabadell, Blanes, Lloret, Calella, Granollers, Lleida, to the expansion and extension of the home care service (SAD) to a great number of catalan municipalities, are the main users of this service and product adapted to each specific requirement both in terms of

Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, the Barcelona City Council has strengthened the set of meal programs by around 30%. The number of meals served in the different programs has increased from 3,700 to 4,800 daily. These programs include different services, meals at home, and meals in company and soup kitchens, which are then

The school was founded in 1906 by the Sisters of Mercy of Moissac (France). This congregation was also founded by Madame Geny, a woman with an aristocratic origin who spent her life taking care of the poor and helpless.   The foundations of her work is mercy: see, understand, love and accompany. According to Madame

The City Council of Castell-Platja d’Aro has given a new impetus to the service of home meals designed for people with varying degrees of dependence, advanced age or vulnerabilities. SERHS Food provides this service, called SAD, focused on people, menus and home service. They have 10 different diets (and their combination with each other) with

SERHS Food has been the chosen company, since January 2020, of the catering service that is carried out in this important center in Lleida, both by users in full board and staff meals, in total more than 400 daily people. San Juan de Dios Terres de Lleida – Almacelles Center has been serving people with