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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

On June 14th, Castelldefels Castle hosted the 1st Conference of the Foodservice Cluster of Catalonia dedicated to innovation under the heading “Innovation Day” with the aim of putting the focus on the latest trends and uses of ICT in the feeding sector. Raimon Bagó, general director of SERHS Food, has participated in this meeting to explain that “technology has helped us to adapt to the individual needs of users” in the field of collective catering.

For SERHS Food general director, “when it comes to making a meal, we have to put the person and their uniqueness at the centre of our activity. This is what a kitchen like the High Performance one of Mataró allows us to produce today”. The High-Performance Kitchen that SERHS Food launched in the capital of Maresme was precisely thought and designed to offer a kitchen tailored to the individual needs of the users of collective catering. For this reason, its facilities allow the elaboration of specific recipes, for example, crushed, textured and allergen-free meals, among others.

SERHS Food bets for its collective catering service to become a reference in the preparation of recipes aimed, essentially, to individual satisfaction, while responding to nutritional criteria within a varied and rich food proposal. In addition, as Raimon Bagó explains, “this is what makes us different from the rest, thinking about the uniqueness, the diversity of each of our users. And all this, with the maximum guarantees of food safety, product quality and efficient and professional management”.


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Raimon Bagó, Foodservice Cluster of Catalonia new president

The day also served so that Raimon Bagó, until now vice-president of the entity, left chosen like new president. In his speech he thanked the trust placed and strongly highlighted the work done by the president so far, Jaume von Aren, who valued the commitment and dedication of the first years.

The new president of the entity highlighted the new challenges that Cluster Foodservice has today and the obligation not to lower the standards. “Work and collaborate with the 53 companies that are part of this organisation, to continue drawing, defining and strengthening the strategic lines of Cluster Foodservice in the coming years”.

Since its establishment, in January 2014, Cluster Foodservice has contributed to forge the relationship with all the companies that are part of it. Companies of diverse scope such as production, logistics, collective catering, new technologies or research and knowledge. This diversity is the great strength of this transversal and dynamic sector, which at the same time involves a strong complexity of coordination and management.

Wednesday, 06 June 2018

Corporate&Events SERHS Food business unit, dedicated to event organisation, presents a new website. Following the strategy based on remarking Castell Jalpí and ARCS Catering contrasts on its differing offert, SERHS Food has decided to create two independent websites. Although both business have mutual feedback, they generate different goals and, therefore, a corporative image change on the strategy was strongly necessary. ARCS Catering new website is entirely visual and direct and notably improves user experience navigation.

This new website is structured in 6 categories in which there is gastronomic information and a small brief of different business celebrations, corporative events and wedding proposals. Furthermore, it offers a wide range of spaces where ARCS Catering manages its event caterings preferentially.



Multi-device navigation

With ARCS Catering website renovation, we present a user experience integral vision focused on multi-device navigation, taking the “responsive device” (adapted to mobile devices) as a currently web design reference guide.

Thanks to this incorporation, this web design adapts to the device size and text, image and video dimensions get actualized on its own in a way that is perfectly legible and avoids text and image overlapping areas.

We invite you to visit it on www.arcscatering.com


Friday, 20 April 2018

SERHS Food celebrates the first anniversary of the official inauguration of the High-Performance Kitchen in Mataró

Over this first year, the plant has increased its production by 40% and continues with a high rate of growth.

One year later, the commitment to innovative and efficient solutions to bring comprehensive support to managing professional catering is a success in every sense of the word. This Saturday April 21, the Mataró High-Performance Kitchen of SERHS Food, as well as its central offices, mark one complete year since their official inauguration, in which national authorities and those of the Maresme area took part.

As of today the plant, which covers 2500 m2, has increased its production by 40% and continues to grow at a very good pace. Over this first year, one of the mostly highly-rated spaces of the SERHS Food High-Performance Kitchen has been the independent allergen-free kitchen, which offers services principally to educational and healthcare centers.

Nevertheless, the office area and main arena have seen numerous visits from clients and companies interested in seeing the installations which reflect the philosophy of SERHS Food. This philosophy is directed at the commitment to prepare food products of the highest quality, following the basic principles of traditional cooking, and availing of the latest technology capable of providing the very highest standards of food safety and environmentally-friendly production.

During the circuit, especially designed for groups, all the steps making up the production process can be seen, from reception of the raw materials to the packaging of the finished product. Likewise, the main arena, with seating and a “showcooking” area, is often used for workshops, demonstrations and conferences, thus complementing visits to the installations.

Today, SERHS Food has a strong presence in Catalonia and is engaged in a major drive for growth in the Balearic Islands, Valencia and other parts of Spain. The Mataró High-Performance Kitchen has been devised with great versatility and flexibility to allow cooking of all kinds of recipes and formats for presentation and preservation, such as vacuum packing, ATM, pasteurization, sterilization and deep freezing.


cocina          cocina

Tuesday, 03 April 2018

 Corporate & Events launches the new Castell Jalpí website

The SERHS Food Corporate & Events line of business advances with an exciting stage, thanks to the renovation of the Castell Jalpí website. After several months of work; We are proud to present a new space and leave the look & feel that saw us born.

The new design of the page has been based on two basic premises: simplicity and image. The main objective has been to offer a very agile navigation experience and above all very visual and impressive.



Multi-device navigation

The multi-device navigation is an undeniable reality, so www.castell-jalpi.com is adapted to all mobile devices. With a development that prioritizes and optimizes the content with the main objective of improving the web experience.

Created under the responsive model, it has resulted in a very visual and intuitive environment. In it, the user can find information quickly, through a menu structure with clearly identifiable areas, regardless of the device from which they access.

The adaptability of the web allows the information to be displayed in different browsers and through the various existing operating systems.


In a 100% digital process

With the launch of this new website, SERHS Food continues adapting all its online contents offering, in each one, the speed that users need.

From the Commercial and Marketing Department we believe that the improvement of our image is the result of constant work, so we seek to adapt and evolve, to best convey the experiences of the services we perform.